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Authorization by Patient

Authorization By Patient
This page displays authorizations for the selected patient (the patient whose information appears in the patient banner). However, only authorizations related to your practice are listed.

To edit an authorization, click the Edit link. To display an authorization in read-only mode, click the View link.

Authorizations that have been approved, rejected, or denied can not be edited.

Reference No.

System-generated number.

Authorization Type
One of the 13 authorization types: Ambulance, Diagnostic Testing, DME/Orthotics/Prosthetics, Drugs Requiring Authorization, Home Care Services, Hospital Admission, Infertility Services, Outpatient Rehab/Therapy, Outpatient/Office Services, Outpatient Surgery, Specialist Referral, Transplant Outpatient, Vaccines Requiring Authorization.

Requesting Provider
The provider requesting prior authorization.

Provider of Service
The facility or provider rendering services.

From Date
The effective date of the authorization.

To Date
The expiration date of the authorization.

The number of authorized treatments.

The number of remaining treatments.

Pending, Approved, Denied, etc.