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BTCare Help
Claims By Patient

List of Claims by Patient
This page displays claims for the selected patient (the patient whose information appears in the patient banner). However, only claims related to your practice are listed.

To view the Claim Detail screen, click the Claim No link. If any service on the claim requires prior authorization, this screen displays the Auth/Referral number. To view the authorization information, click the Auth Detail button.

Claim No

The BTMG claim number. Clicking this link displays the Claim Detail screen.

The name of the Provider

Received Date
The date that BTMG received the claim, either via paper or electronically.

Service Date
The date of service on the claim. For claims with multiple dates of service, this will reflect the date of service on the first line of the claim.

The total amount billed on the claim.

The approved amount net of co-payments and/or deductibles. Applicable withholds have not yet been taken.

The current status of the claim: Paid/Approved, Denied, or Pending.

Last Status
The date of the last activity on the claim.